Sunday, July 27, 2008

My first blog

Been deciding whether to blog or not too. After much deliberation, I said to myself why not share what I have with my friends, relatives and the world. I'm no writer by the way, just trying to make a breakthrough in writing as I dislike essays during my school days and I'm not good in language. My sis however is good in language. I guess I cared too much on whether people will like what I write but hey! that's not the important thing right ? It's what I like to do and if it's right, nobody can stop me from doing it.

I hope I have the time and the strength to continue this blog as I'm tied up with many things. Plenty of things I wanna do. Music is part of my life. Wanted to be a musician but guess that's not by destiny. But, I do have the privelege to have my own music room to play my syntesizer and create my own music, singing and doing my own recording. At the moment I'm also brushing up on my acoustic guitar playing. Learning from a Pastor who is a great guitarist. Been practising my scales in the guitar. I have a lovely wife and 2 sons to take care. That takes up a lot of my time but it's worth it. I love them very much. I would even learn up drums, saxaphone, electric guitar if I can but looks like I have to give priority to my family too. Have to have balance my life. I'm also playing with a band for the company's anniversary dinner which is on the 24th August 08. Mostly malay songs and a few english songs.

And there's also photography. Hmmm.........I don't really know how I started it or why but it seemed to have connected to me when I was in Hong Kong last year September 2007. I had my first Olympus DSLR E510 and started shooting eversince. Had a previlege to do studio photography too shooting my wife's beautiful jewelry. Check out the pics at the link below

I-Precious Jewelry Photo Gallery

So much for my introduction. Don't want to bore anyone with a long intro. Will update my blog soon. Here's a song to share about love and friendship before I part.



snizzel said...

hi!....just to let you know im reading
ill link you to mine

David Cha said...

Ok.Thanks for dropping by here. I just went to your blog and it's cool. Very nice layout

Unknown said...

I'm just searching for piano sheet of Empress of China Theme Song.
And I found you and it's great!!!!
Thank you so much for share the note.
Although I'm not good at piano now.
But I will try by best to play it.
Thank you for your piano sheet again!!!