Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A small get together

Was able to meet up with my good friends from Banting Church whom I've not met for quite a while today. It's hard to meet up these days as everyone is busy with their own life. Somehow I got in touch with Meng Yan through facebook and she arrange the meet up. I met up with Meng Yan, Ai Chin, Fei Chin, Wei Chien and Chee Sian for lunch at little Penang Restaurant in Mid Valley. All of them are much younger than me and was my choir members.

Manage to catch up a little bit of what's going on with their life now. I'm glad to see that all of them have grown up and doing well. Meng Yan in advertising, Ai Chin an actuaries, Wei Chien into studio recording and broadcasting, Fei Chin an interior designer (If you need to design your house, you can call her) and Chee Sian doing his own insurance business.

It was short but worth it. Haven't been catching up with my friends but this is a start. One thing that we talked about was the Musical Night where all was involved and how fun it was doing the recording, practising the songs and we had to get onions to get those acting into tears so that the recording is more real..............The recording was all done in my room in Banting. I hope I can get the video again and remaster the sound and burn it into DVD.

I wish all of them all the best in their life.

Here's a a few picture that we took. I'm disappointed that it wasn't sharp. I found out that my external flash wasn't working properly and shutter speed was too slow.......sigh. Anyway, at least I've got the pictures.


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