Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rubik's Cube

I have a Rubik's cube which I'll do when I'm free. I learnt how to do it when I was a teenager. My son saw me playing with it and he started to play around with it. Last week, he showed me what he had done. He manage to finish one side of the cube correctly. And on top of that, with all the colors matching at the other 4 sides too. I was surprised that a five year old kid can do it. Later, I found out that his little uncle Aaron taught him how to do it. But then again, I thought to myself, "How can a 5 year old do it?" It's not easy right ? Anyway I was still very surprised that he has the patience and mind set to do it. Am proud of him too. I asked him to do it again just now and this is what he had done in about 30 seconds.

Kids these days do give a lot of surprises to their parents I must say. Below is the Rubik's Cube after completion. Of course done by me :)

God Bless,


Friday, September 5, 2008

Surprised by my eldest son

Day before yesterday (3rd Sept '08) I brought my son for music class as usual at Yamaha School. He is taking the JMC class. It was another same routine class for me. As the class started, I had to remind my son to sing as he plays the electone as the teacher always emphasizes in singing when playing because they will learn faster. My son always refuse to sing and he sings very softly and often out of tune when the note is high. I always thought that he has a lower vocal range.

But to my surprise, he started singing very loudly and he was very energetic. Then came the Samba King song where the kids have to dance with hand actions. All the kids went to the front and as the music started, the teacher started dancing and the kids followed. Never before since my son joined JMC, dance naturally or followed the actions. He was dancing naturally and doing the actions and that surprised me again. Normally, he'll be quite stiff when it comes to dancing. I can see that he was enjoying himself. Another surprise was the aural singing where the kids gather around the teacher and as she plays, they have to sing the tune in Do Re Mi. My son was singing loudly and hitting the pitch which he has never done it before.

I was just so happy looking at him. I told him that he was very good that day and ask him to continue to do this. I'm proud of him and I must say that he really surprised me during this class. I hope he continues to be energetic.

Proud and surprised father,

Mom' Garden

Went back to my hometown with my 2 kids last Saturday on the 30th Aug '08. Brought my camera along and took a few pictures of my mom's garden. Below are the pictures. I didn't quite like the first picture because I wanted to get a sharp image of it. It was blur to me. But to my surprise, most people like it and after I look at it again, it's actually different from the rest as it creates a kind of magical feel and it has nice bokeh.

Well, just have to look at things in a different perspective. The more you try to make things perfect, the worse it becomes. I guess life is just like that. Don't have to be too fussy over things. Being simple can make life more meaningful, beautiful and most of all more joyful.

What do you think ?