Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mama Mia

Today's a holiday for me on the eve of Hari Raya. I decided to watch Mama Mia showing in the cinemas now. Called my wife who's working and she wanted to watch too. I also asked my wife's uncle's family to join. I went to Sunway Pyramid to get the tickets first as I was afraid that I couldn't get good seats. The show was at 9:40 pm. There were ten of us ranging from 3 years old to 40 plus. Didn't really got good seats. Was about 6 rows from the front and still bearable.

I thought that this movie was a comedy until young Adele told me that it's a musical too. Anyway, I for one enjoyed the movie a lot. It was very entertaining, funny, hilarious and my feet was moving with the music too. I used to listen to a lot of Abba songs and I sure did miss those songs. I may take my Abba album to listen in the car when I bring my children to the butterfly park tomorrow. I thought that movie was great. Meryl Streep for one sung very well as well as acting. I wouldn't say that the other casts sang superbly but it was not pitchy and they sang well too considering that they are actors and actresses. The only thing they lack was the expression or feelings when they sing. Anyway, the songs that they sang didn't need much expression. It was good enough. One song that Meryl Streep sang which needed much expression was "The winner takes it all" and she sang it beautifully. I think the producers have chosen the right actor and actresses to sing the right songs.

I just read a review in the The Star online who condemn the soundtrack and I just want to add to it. Click here to read the comments. In short, I do not find the songs all too similar. Songs like "I have a dream", "Super Trouper", "Take a chance" are all great songs which I don't think are similar as their chord progressions and beat are different. Yes, I would agree that Abba have their own trademark and beat. They always have two main ingredients; Keyboard based sound arrangement and the two females soprano and mezzosoprano voices. That's why they are special. But which singer or group don't have their trademark ? Almost all singers or group have their own identity with their type of music produced. Sometimes, by just listening to a song, you can guess it's from which singer or group. It's just a matter of personal taste.

Anyway, back to the movie. Everyone enjoyed the movie, young to old. My 5 year old son though fell asleep near the end as he was too tired and it was very late. But, he had a good laugh from the movie too before he fell asleep on my shoulder. The cinema hall was about 90% occupied and I can hear the audience laughing and enjoying the movie from the front and back rows.

I would definitely recommend anyone to watch this movie.


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jesscet said...

i enjoyed the movie too although it's a bit `fluffy' but it's musical mah.. love the music - singing wasn't bad except for Pierce Brosnan!

i've bought tix to watch the musical in Dec! are you and irene going?