Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Teaching maths and piano

Finally, I'll be leaving my current job as a mechanical engineer to pursue full time teaching mathematics and piano instead of doing it on part time basis. In addition, i will be teaching playing piano by ear and also music production for those who are interested in creating their own music.

Music is always my passion since young. I remembered stating my ambition as "Professional Pianist" when I was in school. Though i was not cuff from a well off family, my mom still sent me for piano classes together with my cousins. My piano teacher, Mrs. Soo has three diplomas in piano from the London School of Music. She is a very strict, dedicated and passionate teacher. Being a lazy young boy, I remembered my mom chased and caned me for practicing my piano pieces. Not long thereafter, I developed the interest in music and was zealous in advancing each piano pieces. As such, I truly thank my great music influential father and my mother for being strict to me. Without them, I won't be able to find my talent.

After taking Grade 6 exam, my cousins and I was so sad as Mrs. Soo migrated to Canada. We had to look for another teacher. However, non of the teachers were able to replaced her.

Under the new piano teacher's guidance, I took Grade 7 and was disspointed as I only obtained a PASS as compared to my previous distinctions. That was definately a big blow to me. Without further disspointment, I told myself that I have to work harder for Grade 8 practical exam. Finally, the day arrived. Unfortunately, I failed to obtained a distinction for Grade 8 practical exam. It was unbelievable as it was just too close to a distinction i.e. 3 points short. The examiner's commented that I played too fast in the second movement of the second piece which has caused lost in marks. As such, I realised that teacher plays a very important part in my music progression.

What choice do I have, but to live with the results. Thereafter, I concentrated in my SPM exams and temporarily stopped piano. I deliberated with my mom that I wanted to further my music studies but at that time, I can only pursue music courses in London where the tuition fees were sky high.

While waiting for my SPM results, i was pursuing my Diploma in Music. However, I was unable to continue my Diploma in Music as I was offer a place in UTM for Engineering Courses in view of my outstanding SPM results i.e. all "A"s in Science and Maths subject. Bye bye to music and welcome engineering. Engineering was not what I dreamt of, however it was not a bad choice as I love additional mathematics and science subjects. I have to thank my late uncle who bought a lot of mathematics workbook for my cousins and myself to practice. I guess that's how I developed my passion for mathematics until today.

Anyway, my passion for music never stopped. I joint the christian fellowship in UTM and had the chance to meet many great pianist and keyboardist. I learnt a lot from them, to name a few, learnt improvisation, chord progression, playing by ear and I began to play for churches. It was great to be able to serve in the christian fellowship as well as at churches.

After 5 years, I graduated. I started working and with my first salary, I bought my first keyboard and started to explore more music via doing sequencing, producing minus one songs for the churches. It was definately FUN. I started to invest more in studio equipments, experimenting them and using software such as cakewalk to produce songs via midi interface. I have to thank my good friend KC Lim for selling these equipments at a discounted price. He sells Kawai pianos. I just love the Kawai touch. It has a heavier touch which enables better control with my fingers. I'm still dreaming of getting a grand piano and hope to realise my dream.

My journey of music continues. I went to a singing school to develop my singing. Not long thereafter, the teachers in the singing school discovered that I can produce minus one songs. The first song that I did for them was "The Greatest American Hero". They were amazed after listening to it. I started to work with them and even played for them for weddings and some other events. I had good experiences with them.

I thank the Lord for guiding me all these years and giving me this gift in music and mathematics. I also thank my parents who had provided me financial assistance, guidance and encouragement in the past to develop my skills.

The supporting pillar for my new journey is my wife, who has been constantly supporting me and helping me with the design of the flyer's. Not forgetting my brothers and sisters in Christ in the cell group who has always kept me in their prayers. Hence, In this new quest, i hope to do my best to share my knowledge with others and to help them as much as possible.

To all my beloved teachers, here is a song dedicated to you as part of my appreciation for all you have done for me.

Below are 2 flyer's about my piano and mathematic lessons. Please call me for further enquiries.

Thank You.mp3

God Bless,



xeraxiah said...

i would really love to take piano class.. but i dunno if i could make it to ur class. Huhh...wat a regret. :(

David Cha said...

Why not ? It's never too late and you won't regret it :)

caryn said...

may i noe where do u conduct your classes? i really nid a teacher for play by ear...hope you do conduct classes in penang...