Saturday, April 25, 2015

TVB Drama Eye In the Sky (天眼) synopsis and Theme Song

Watched this drama which just ended 3 weeks back. Its a crime drama starring Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉頴), Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), and Tavia Yeung (楊怡), aired in Astro on Demand. 

Szeto Shun (Kevin Cheng) was an elite member of the Special Crime Unit in the Hong Kong Police Force. He was forced to leave the force after getting implicated in an arson case. He then worked at a security company, where he meets the intelligent Cheung Lik Hang (Ruco Chan). With their similar ways of thinking and work styles, Shun and Hang become close friends. Their superior, Kong Wui Hoi (Lau Kong). However, Shun encounters private investigator Jenny (Tavia Yeung) which changed his life.

Jan Ng falls in love with Szeto Shun at first sight after seeing him take down a gun crazed criminal during a jewel heist in progress. When a client that looks identical to Shun shows up at her father's investigation firm she automatically assumes him to be Shun without asking his name. Since the client does not want to divulge his true identity he goes along with Jan thinking he is Shun. He hires her to trail a person that leads her entangled with the triads, but saves her in time and the two have a one night stand. Jan later runs into the real Shun and assumes him to be the same person she had spent the night with. When Shun tells her he has "never met her before" she thinks he is a scoundrel who takes advantage of females. Later while investigating another client's case at the Y Suite Hotel she finds out indeed that Shun is not the same person as her client. She promises to help Shun find her client and the two form a mentor-protege relationship.

Didn't quite like Ruco Chan as the bad guy maybe because I watched his previous drama Outbound Love where he was a cheerful honest guy.

The Theme song for this drama is "The Truth" sung by Alfred Hui & Hubert Wu. A very majestic type of song yet appealing. I like this song and did a piano cover of it. Below is my video of the piano cover. Hope you guys enjoy it. Do like, share and subscribe to my youtube channel if you enjoy it. Piano sheet and mp3 link is below.

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