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TVB Drama Line Walker (使徒行者) Synopsis and Sub-Theme Song (越難越愛)

The drama follows the lives of undercover police agents that must live a double life in secrecy. Not knowing when they can return to their normal life they endure the constant fear of being uncovered by those they are assigned to infiltrate. But their lives are also put in danger when it is discovered that there is a mole within the police who works for the criminals

Cheuk Hoi (Michael Miu) is a Chief inspector of Hong Kong’s Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB) police unit. He is a righteous supervisor that will resort to unethical tactics in order to restore the identities of his undercover subordinates who have gone missing and deemed by the police department to have strayed to the criminal side. When he finds his friend Hong To Hang, a fellow Chief inspector in the CIB unit, thrown off a building under mysterious circumstances, he learns from Hong's dying words that there are moles within the police force working for the triads. In order to protect the lives of his five undercover agents, Hong has deleted their files from the police database, erasing their identities as police officers. Hong charges Hoi with the task of finding each lost undercover agent, but dies before he can tell Hoi any further information. Remembering Hong's warning against trusting anyone in the police force, Hoi keeps Hong's last words hidden from his superiors. Instead, he sets out on his own to find Hong's five undercover agents.

With clues left behind by Hong, Hoi finds undercover agent Ting Siu Ka (Charmaine Sheh) who fronts as an owner of a foot massage parlor, and assumes his role as her new handler. Siu Ka's only assignment under Hong was to gather intelligence but Hoi assigns her the task of helping him find the other four undercover agents. Siu Ka decides to get close to Sit Ka Keung (Raymond Lam), nicknamed Seed who is part of an illegal gambling gang. He fronts as an ice deliveryman but is actually in charge of collecting unpaid gambling debts. Siu Ka previously clashed with Seed and his partner Muk Sut when they went to her shop to collect a gambling debt but becomes friendly with them because she knows of their connection to a major triad organization.

Meanwhile Kobe Lin Ho Kan (Sammy Sum), another undercover agent working for Hong, fronted as a crooked stock broker in order to go to prison and get close to triad boss Chum Foon Hei as the last assignment he received from Hong, but Foon Hei soon proved to be a cunning target. Unable to gain any traction with Foon, Kobe believed he had failed his assignment. However upon Kobe's release from prison, Foon Hei asks Kobe to join his organization. In order for Kobe to follow through with his undercover assignment, Kobe sacrifices his relationship with ICAC officer Mok Sin Yan (Sharon Chan), who is unaware that Kobe is an undercover agent.

I didn't watch this drama. My youtube subscriber requested me to play the sub-theme song of this drama entitled "Love is not easy" (越難越愛) sung by Jinny Ng (吴若希). I search for this song and really like it. The piano cover video of this song is below as well as the Piano Sheet and Song mp3.
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