Friday, April 24, 2015

TVB Smooth Talker(以和為貴) Synopsis and Theme Song

Starring Joe Ma (馬德鐘) and Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Smooth Talker <以和為貴> was aired on March 30 2015. Produced by Lam Chi Wah (林志華), the 20-episode comedy is Joe Ma’s last drama with TVB before the expiration of his per series contract.

Smooth Talker focuses on Hau Tak Sze (Joe Ma), who manages his late father’s fellowship society. However, in his full-time job as a mediator, he often uses extreme measures to solve difficult conflicts for Hong Kong citizens. In a divorce case, he meets Mo Sui Yee (Kate Tsui) and her sociophobic younger sister Mo Sui Ka (Tracy Chu 朱千雪), both who are temporarily living with their older cousin Lam Ah Lui (Elena Kong 江美儀).

Sui Yee soon discovers that her ex-husband’s lover, Fa Yee (Carat Cheung 張名雅) lives in the same building as Ah Lui. Sui Yee assumes Tak Sze and Fa Yee are friends, and causes great trouble for Tak Sze. Through her boss Au Yeung Kai (Johnson Lee 李思捷), who is good friends with Tak Sze, Sui Yee and Tak Sze eventually settle their differences and the two become close friends.

Inspired by Tak Sze, Sui Yee begins to take courses to become a mediator. She finds the job self-fulfilling and learns how to forgive and forget. Just when Tak Sze and Sui Yee’s relationship takes a new turn, Sui Yee’s ex-husband suddenly shows up. The murderer of Tak Sze’s father also makes an appearance.

Theme Song for this drama is "Way Out"; 出口, sung by Justin Lo and Johnson Lee. When I first heard it, I didn't really like it. It's a song sitting on the fence. You either like it or dislike it. However, after listening a few more rounds, it's quite nice especially the Bridge part of the song. I did a piano cover of this song and below is the video of it. Piano sheet and song mp3 is also provided.

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