Thursday, April 16, 2015

TVB Theme Songs

Hi my fellow friends and my youtube subscribers. It's been quite a while since I visited my own blog. Been busy playing piano covers especially TVB drama Theme Songs. You can check those covers here TVB songs. Do like, subscribe and share if you enjoy my playing. I also provide piano sheets for the songs I played and NO, I don't charge.

Now, how do I end up doing TVB theme songs? It started last year when I watched the TVB drama Outbound Love. It was filmed mainly in Penang and KL, Malaysia. The theme song was very nice. My wife, Irene Woo, love this song and asked me to play it and provide the score so that she can play it too. And so, I played and recorded the video, uploaded it to youtube with the score sheet provided on the 16th February 2014. Didn't expect a good response from this video as it hit 27k views and many downloaded the score.

I decided to do more TVB songs but being myself (Procrastinator), I didn't do anything until 16th January 2015, where I pushed myself to do more piano covers and finally uploaded Outbound love sub-theme song . after almost 1 year. Subsequent videos followed. Check it out here TVB drama Theme Songs . I would like to thank my wife who initiated me to do the covers. And for those who subscribed to my youtube channel, a big thank you to all of you and continue to follow me at Facebook Piano Lessons , Twitter , Instagram and Google plus for more videos to come. If I'm not mistaken, my subscribers grew from about 50 to 504 currently in 3 months. I hope to get more subscribers. Ohh yeah, for Jay Chou's fans, I did a cover of his wedding song with piano sheet provided. Check it out here Jay Chou's wedding song . And most importantly, I thank God for giving this gift of music. Check out my original Christian songs here My Christian Songs . So, my request to you is to request more songs from me to keep me going. Below is one of my videos playing TVB Eye in the sky theme song.



It's quite an experience for me doing the covers. It's not easy. Knowing myself as a perfectionist, I have to recorded multiple times of the video until I played one perfect performance without any mistakes. I think my record is playing about 60 to 70 times to play perfectly until I didn't sleep at all. Well, the good thing is I've improved in my playing. Another experience is notating my arrangements. Really a tedious job, but for you my fans, I'm doing it for you. One song needs maybe 8-10 hours to complete the piano sheet. I hope to master the software so that I can do a song instantly. I hope I've inspired all of you to continue learning and practicing piano and Let The Music Play. Don't give up !!!! Practice and practice and practice. I've done it and so can you. :)


Hou Yean Cha


cys842 said...

Very good website. Nice compositions and arrangements as well. Hope to see more uploads as it's been a month ever since you uploaded a song after the "Speed of Life"

cys842 said...

Very good website for piano songs and scores. Nice arrangement and compositions too. Hope to see new scores soon as it's been a month ever since you uploaded the theme song for "Speed of Life"

David Cha said...

Thanks for the comment. Yes, its been a while since Speed of Life. Was busy but this week planning to do the theme song from K9 Cop and also the sub-theme song. I like both songs. Stay tuned. thank you

cys842 said...

Alright hope to see it soon :)