Sunday, May 10, 2015

TVB Drama Empress of China (武則天) synopsis and Theme Song - Queen (女皇) - Joey Yung (容祖兒)


Chinese actress Fan Bingbing's 'Empress of China' aired its Cantonese version in Hong Kong starting on April 26 2015.

Following its success in viewership ratings in Mainland China despite suffering from censorship regulations, 'Empress of China' in Cantonese version finally is available for viewing in Hong Kong under TVB.

The historical drama, which was produced by Fan herself, will be reduced to 70 episodes from the original 82 episodes. It will also be dubbed in Cantonese and will air daily starting on April 26, Sunday through TVB channels.

In order to avoid censorship, TVB announced that they will be using additional computer generated imagery to cover up the actress' cleavage in some scenes which were heavily censored in China earlier this year.

Regarding the additional CGI censoring, Fan expressed that she wished that the series will be aired in its original layout, stating that she has gone through a lot of hardships wearing the elaborate costumes. However, the actress stated that she respects the broadcast limitations set by Hong Kong's laws.

On April 20, the cast and crew of the epic drama held a press conference at TVB's TV Studios. More than a hundred journalists attended the said event where two of Fan's costumes, each worth around $500,000 HKD, were displayed

Reports state that TVB insured $1 million HKD to ensure that the costumes will arrive in Hong Kong safely. In addition, TVB also reportedly spent more than $2 million HKD for the press conference.

'The Empress of China' revolves around Wu Zetian and her rise to the Tang throne as the very first empress regent of Ancient China.

Theme Song 

The Theme Song for this drama entitled "Queen" (女皇) was sung by Joey Yung (容祖兒). A very beautiful song that I like. I did a piano cover of this song and below is the video of it. I apologize as there was some vibration during the video recording that I realized only after I posted it. The vibration was mostly caused by my heavy pounding on the keyboard :). Well I hope you enjoy it and please Like, Share and Subscribe to my youtube channel if you enjoy my piano version. I arrange it in a more emotional feel to it.

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