Thursday, May 28, 2015

TVB Ultimate Addiction ( 點金勝手) Sub-Theme Song Tight Game (棋逢敵手)


Cheuk Yuk is a major figure in the financial industry who has no problems with crossing boundaries and playing dirty tricks for his own benefits. For this, he has long been a target of the Commercial Crime Bureau. Cheuk Yuk is much obsessed in the game of money and power, such that he neglects his family and friends. His wife and master have successively passed away because of him; however, he still felt no remorse, and instead, his ways have even worsened. Cheuk Yuk's brother-in-law, Chow San Yung, being a member of the CCB, vows to have Cheuk Yuk prosecuted and brought to justice. His senior Ho Seung Yi, and subordinate Chi Nga also work together with him to collect evidence. San Yung, at first, had high hopes for Chi Nga and even views her as his apprentice; however, Chi Nga suddenly resigns from her position as a CCB member and joins Cheuk Yuk's company. She first gains the trust of Cheuk Yuk's second wife, Fong Ming Yu and then assists Cheuk Yuk to battle the female tycoon of the financial industry, Cha Pui Fan. Eventually, Chi Nga seems to have the entire situation under her control, and even Cheuk Yuk's fiery ambition appears to have been engulfed.

Sub-Theme Song

Sub theme song for this drama is Tight Game (棋逢敵手) sung by Hubert Wu & Kate Tsui . One of my youtube subscriber requested for this song. Not an easy song to play as it is in D Flat major but mange to play it without any mistakes. Hope you guys enjoy it. Like, share and subscribe to my youtube channel for more songs to come.

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