Saturday, January 23, 2016

TVB Speed Of Life(鐵馬戰車)Theme Song-Same Step(同步) by Justin Lo(側田)


TVB’s latest Drama Speed Of Life (鐵馬戰車) just aired on the 18th Jan. 2016.
A story of a very serious cop in HK inspector Cheuk-fung (Kenny Wong) who is very dedicated to his mission. He and his subordinates often go undercover so they can easily prosecute those who speed, drunk drive, and hold illegal licenses. Cheuk-fung is an extremely cold person, serious in speech and manner, but he is strangely close friends with the boisterous Sze Ma (Benjamin Yuen) of the investigation team. A rookie Sam Yau who was thought not to be able to handle the strictness of the inspector manages to help him in a personal matter. They grow to a close relationship like a father and daughter.
The story then continues with a racing gang wrecking havoc in the streets, sending out provoking messages to the police. Cheuk-fung and his team tries to stop them but ends up in a very dangerous situation. A dark memory them immerse into him again as he struggles with it.


Theme song is entitle Same Step (同步), a very catchy exciting song sung by Justin Lo (側田). I manage to do the piano sheet as soon as possible as I like this song. Something different for a change. Check the piano cover video below.
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