Friday, January 27, 2017

TVB Dead Wrong|致命復活 Sub Theme Song 愛需要勇氣 by Stephanie Ho|何雁诗 piano cover and lyrics

TVB Dead Wrong Sub-Theme song piano cover

It's a while since I did my last piano cover of a TVB theme song. Was really busy last year with my main job which is teaching piano and music classes. Was involve with the church VBS and Church Christmas play an as soon as I know, it's already 2017 !!!. Firstly, I would like to wish all chinese a Happy Chinese New Year or in cantonese Gong Xi Fa Cai. Anyway, life was not easy for me as my health wasn't that good due to my gastritis problems and I can't really stay up late doing the TVB songs especially doing the piano sheets as it requires a lot of listening and putting the melody notes and chords together. Somehow, I which I could earn a living from doing this service (providing free music sheets). I'm really grateful to all my followers or subscribers but it's hard to keep up with all the song requests. If I'm doing it fulltime; maybe, just maybe I can keep up to the number or songs and music sheets you requested. I hope you understand. I notice some subscribers Unsubscribe to my channel maybe due to this.

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I will post the mp3 of this piano cover and the music sheet by tomorrow as I need to do some editing before posting it. Do follow me on facebook. Good News!! I'll be adding chords and guitar tabs into the music sheet this time.

Piano sheet and piano mp3 is ready to download below :-



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似遠又近 令我這麼敏感
提詞亮了 再度暗 埋藏著十個可能
如像斷了線一只風箏 飛蹤必須勇敢
都不會 灰心

愛上自困 面對多少競爭
從來未襯 卻很吸引 誰人才是對的人
然而害怕最尾只得傷心 將感覺收得太深
喜歡你 其實認真

謎似是你 看似沒法一起 就算收不到訊號仍找你
難極都不放棄 遲早可給你看得起
誰是你 有愛就有傷悲 但我更加想親近你
進入了禁地 別貪生怕死 難關必須勇氣

似遠又近 要發生終發生
猶豫著你與我不相襯 垂頭便士氣消沉
然而在暗處有一把聲音 催促我加點信心
喜歡你 才投入認真

謎似是你 看似沒法一起 就算收不到訊號仍找你
難極都不放棄 遲早可給你看得起
誰是你 有愛就有傷悲 但我更加想親近你
帶著了好奇 未貪生怕死 才伸手去觸摸你

謎似是你 看似沒法一起 就算收不到訊號仍找你
難極都不放棄 自己都感到了不起
誰是你 有愛就有轉機 極渺小都想保護你
跳越了距離 未貪生怕死 如果可以捉緊你

 As always, let the music continue playing in your hearts (LET THE MUSIC PLAY)

Hou Yean