Thursday, February 23, 2017

TVB Burning Hands|乘勝狙擊 Piano Instrumental Theme Song (Love Song) piano cover

I didn't really watch this show this time as I was very busy since last December with VBS and also the Christmas play. Unfortunately the theme song for this series is only Instrumental but quite catchy though and I think it suits this drama. I manage to watch a few episodes here and there. There is a piano instrumental being played mostly when Ruco Chan ( Yat Gor|一哥) and Rosina Lam (Win Jeh|Win姐) are together in the episodes. A very calm kinda sad melody but very touching. I got to know this melody from another youtuber HK Songs who requested me to do the piano cover of the short instrumental and I decided to do it. After uploading to my youtube channel, many requested for the music sheet and finally today I have completed it. Below is the youtube video of my piano cover and also the link to download the piano sheet and also the piano mp3. I don't know the title of this song and so I called it "Yat Gor and Win Jeh's Love Song.

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